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Package Information

Exchangor's meetings are fast paced and the people in the room are all licensed professionals that are there acting on behalf of their clients. You must be a licensed broker and the primary on the deal in order to submit a package. These meetings are not intended for clients as we are discussing confidential information.

The purpose of bringing a property package to an exchangor's meeting is to look for an exchange, equity trade or sale. This not an MLS pitch. The investors in these meetings are looking to sell investments, buy investments, and they're looking for the best deal for their clients. Presenting to exchangors is a great opportunity to get your property in front of a wide range of brokers in a short amount of time.

Your ability to get people interested in your Package (property) starts with the two page package sheet!!! Fill it out completely and accurately!! Remember, this is your advertising platform so include any and all information you think would be beneficial to help other brokers make a determination if they want to make an offer.

What's in the package?

  • Accurate information

  • Real numbers - things like actual income & actual expenses

  • No projections - most brokers are not willing to guarantee income and expenses and projections just say what the property could be so an exchangors meeting is not the place for projections.

  • Real motivations

  • Real descriptions

Suggestions for items to include in your package:
Package presentations at NMCE are mostly paper but if you are providing electronic copies, links are a useful way to provide more details.

  • Links to Google Maps

  • Links to county assessor pages for verifying tax information

  • Pictures - provide good quality pictures so other brokers can see the property and don't have to guess as to what it looks like.

  • Any additional documents you think are important

Presentation Format:

  1. Prior to the meeting, you will provide either the MLS listing number or if it's not listed, pertinent documentation to the person running the computer. They will use this information to share on screen with the group.

  2. Each presenter gets 3-5 minutes in front of the group.

  3. Keep a copy of your presentation in front of you so you can answer questions.

  4. A moderator is assigned to work with you during your presentation. Their job is to ask you questions about the property and to get the room engaged. Follow their lead.

  5. The moderator will then call for takers (buyers). If anyone is interested, they will write up the offer then and there or get your information and contact you after the meeting.

The Importance of Preparing a Good Package:

  • This is your advertising platform.

  • Opportunity to present to many different brokers who have many different clients.

  • Good packages generate "mini" offers.

  • Brokers seldom "call" on poorly prepared packages.

  • Good packages generate takers.

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