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About  NMCE

The New Mexico Council of Exchangors is a nonprofit, professional organization of licensed Real Estate Brokers that has been active for 50 years. We are dedicated to educating property owners and real estate professionals to the benefits of Real Estate Exchanges, or “Equity Marketing”. The NMCE’s primary goal is to assist other brokers and clients successfully complete transactions. 

Whether you are considering a 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange or trading property, our group can help you get it done! The NMCE has weekly, innovative marketing sessions that allow our members to exchange ideas, market properties, problem solve, and create transactions for our customers and clients.

For more information, please visit the Contact Us Page and send us your info or feel free to reach out to any of the board members. We are happy to share more information about exposing your property to a buying, selling or exchanging opportunity.  When the traditional “buy-sell” marketplace is not producing the desired results, a property exchange, 1031 tax deferred exchange, or equity exchange, may be an alternative to consider!

What is Equity Marketing?

The merchandising of properties exclusive of cash, or at least the majority of the values transferred is in the form of unencumbered value in real property.

NMCE Mission Statement

Our mission is to educate, mentor, and assist brokers with providing creative solutions for commercial and residential real estate clients, alike. We strive to counsel and guide our members through education and seminars in specialized fields such as Real Estate Contracts, Trades and Exchanges, and so much more!


By building up the businesses of brokers and satisfying the needs of their clients through fairness and integrity, the NMCE can become the platform that creates trustworthy relationships between clients, brokers and vendors. Placing the brokers’ and their clients’ needs first, combined with expertise and collaboration, leads to successful transactions. Our goal is to become the premier Realtor Association of choice in the marketplace.

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