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Interested in Becoming a Sponsor of NMCE?

Are you interested in promoting your business to a large audience of realtors in New Mexico? Look no further than the New Mexico Council of Exchangors. By becoming a sponsor, you'll gain access to a large network of realtors on a weekly basis, helping you grow your brand awareness and expand your professional network. To become a sponsor, please complete the form below.

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Creative Real Estate Marketing & Exchanging



This agreement represents the terms & conditions under which (hereinafter referred to as "Sponsor" would be interested in becoming an active sponsor for the New Mexico Council of Exchangors (hereinafter referred to as "Association".


This sponsorship term will be one (1) year commencing

Sponsorship shall renew automatically for one (1) year terms.


The base fee shall be $150 per month payable monthly or  Sponsor may choose to pay in advance. From time to time, there may be agreed upon addition expenses (for example: special classes).


Sponsor shall have a link to their website on the Association website and their sponsorship will be posted on social media events and mentioned at the weekly Association meetings. The Sponsor may introduce themselves and speak briefly about their products/services at each meeting. All Association members are encouraged to do business with Sponsors. Sponsors are invited to attend the Association annual Christmas party at no cost.


Sponsors are asked to attend meetings regularly for their benefit and may request to pay for breakfast at their discretion. Sponsors should supply contact information and handouts to Association members.

Thank you!

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