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Haves & Wants

One of the most valuable aspects of being a member of the New Mexico Council of Exchangors is the creative marketing and the broad range of potential deals. A large part of the creative marketing is the presentation of haves & wants. NMCE advertises these haves & wants on our website in an effort to help our members make deals.  Please note: You must be a member of NMCE to upload and present haves & wants.  To view the list, click the icon.


"Haves" refers to specific properties or assets a broker (or their client) currently owns and wants to sell, lease, or exchange. It's a way of presenting available assets to other brokers in the hope of finding a buyer, tenant, or exchange opportunity. By communicating their"Haves", brokers open the door to potential deals with other members of the group.

"Wants" refers to the specific properties or assets a broker (or their client) is seeking to acquire.By detailing their "wants", investors specify their investment criteria – this could include preferred locations, desired property types, price ranges, specific features, or other important parameters. By sharing their "Wants," a broker can find potential matches within the group who have corresponding "Haves" that matches the criteria, facilitating potential
exchanges or sales.

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